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The Threadbare Skivvies 

    This southern funky folk band hailing from Atlanta, GA is a homegrown blend of bohemian banjo bangin, textured rhythms, sweet surprising harmonies, and soulfully crafted lyrics. They describe themselves and their music as

 Vagabond Nature Folk.

  After playing around the Southeast - from barefoot backyard parties to great stages throughout the region - the group took their first National tour in summer of 2019 with a month-long cross-country adventure. They have honed their unique sound and gathered popularity for their passionate live performances & their genre-bending original tunes. 

   Leadin’ lady Kate Wright began her musical wanderings as a jazzy solo singer-songwriter, performing in cafes and galleries. She attributes her development as a lyricist to the infinite inspiration of nature, good literature, & the worries and wonders of love.

 Chris Adams was drumming at an early age with various garage bands and is the sort of renaissance musician who can pick up any damn thing and make it sing.

Kate & Chris enjoyed a lovely few years as a couple, pursuing various other interests before discovering that making music together was a whole new harmonious love affair to experience. They began performing as The Threadbare Skivvies  around 2012 with a djembe and a guitar.

  During a summer tour in Florida in 2014, the duo met bassist Ian Mastrogiacomo. The energy was instantly kindred and Ian played a few sets with The Threadbare Skivvies on that very tour. Ian joined the group regularly soon after.

  This first full-length album FLOURISH & THRIVE echoes nostalgic joy-  the perfect mountain-driving mix-tape - replete with exuberant catchy choruses and plenty of room for rumination and revelry. 


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